Thursday, March 24, 2011

“Games” By Steven Johnson

In Steven Johnson's essay, he talks about the positive and negative effects between the importance of reading and playing video games. He thought that children should be encouraged to read from a young age. He spoke of children that read more growing up were more likely to attend art shows, museums, live band performances, and perform volunteer charity work. He also proposed what people would think about reading if playing video games had been introduced first. This to me was very interesting to read. He talked about the differences between video games and reading, and they're effect on how people behave while doing them. He thought maybe people would suggest reading was making people less social, and more oblivious to their surroundings, while video games improved strategic, and hand eye coordination. It was a very good essay, and had very interesting views on the way people are and think about things.

I think that reading is most definitely better for your mind then playing video games. However, there are video games out there that do require a lot of reading, and problem solving situations. There are also games that are only focused around math, and history. On the other hand, there are games that have absolutely no benefit to your knowledge as a human being. In some cases, games have even been the reason for sickness and death. In most cases, these types of games are role-playing-games such as World of Warcraft. Many reports regarding this game have resulted in declining grades, loss of appetite, and sleep. In todays society, games may be the least of our worries. In the coming years we may no longer even see paper back books. Eventually, they might all be found digitally on the web. This would propose a good way of saving unnecessary trees from being cut down. One might suggest all documentation to be turned digital. If we have the ability to help our planet, why not do it? The truth is, we no longer live in a fairy-tale world where people write long love letters, and stay in touch by pencil and paper. The internet is the fastest growing creation man has ever thought up. With that being said, more and more people have been giving in to technology. So now it is books and games, or games and books. Either way, it seems to be excepted as if there was never any controversy over the issue in the first place.

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